Contents of Business

Introduces the contents of the fishing business Daishin

Marine products trading department

We committed a large refrigerated ship obtained in South Korea to the offshore of Timor Island, south-eastern Indonesia, in 1998. Starting from incorporating scores of wooden ships for pole-and-line fishing obtained locally with the refrigerated ship and began purchasing skipjack we built a land plant (PT. OKISHIN FLORES) in Larantuka, eastern part of Flores Island, which is located in the north of Timor Island, in 2000, launching a development business of skipjack resources with the local pole-and-line fisheries.
Since then we have been deploying skipjack and tuna products constantly to Japanese market, as well as contributing to local society.

On 2006 we have started a purchase of dried flying fish roe in Makassar, located in Celebes Island in middle Indonesia. Starting from 2013, a new business to process the dried flying fish roe and import to Japan will be launched by our subsidiary (PT. LINTAS ANTAR NUSA).

Tropical fish department

PT.Lintas Antar Nusa, our business facility, is located in 30 minutes away by car from Bali international airport. There are our water tanks that can always store maximum 15,000 ornament marine fish, etc. Annually we export 5,000 – 6,000 boxes (250,000 – 300,000 of ornamental tropical marine items) to Japan, US, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ornamental tropical marine items are collected from beginning with home base Bali Island, islands of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Sumbawa, etc. all over Indonesia.
We stock them in PT.Lintas Antar Nusa of Bali Island and confirm status of each one of
fish to select good condition ones only and to deliver to buyers in Japan.
And Indonesia has rainy season during December to March.
Generally this period suffers inferior collecting pace of ornament fish and invertebrates, however we make our best effort to stock more number utilizing every route.

Our ornamental tropical marine items business started in 2000 and we are an enterprise that got into the business later in the industry.
However, by exploiting sales market gradually centering Japanese market, currently we regard ourselves as a superordinate enterprise of marine fish shipper of Bali Island.
From 2013 we have started exporting business of dried flying fish roe on Sulawesi Island.