Contents of Business

Marine products trading department

Our company has produced import and sales of our original products, such a frozen skipjack,tuna,katsuobushi (dried bonito),hairtail,octopus,dried flying fish roe,etc.

Manning department

We dispatch Indonesian and Micronesian sailors who are reliable and well-seasoned with Japanese fishing boat.

Tropical fish department

Our consolidated subsidiary companies in Bali Island, Indonesia send daily to export ornament marine fish and invertebrates by airmail to Japan, US and Europe. Our Tokyo office does administrative services till exporting.

About Daishin fishery?

Our company have three departments together with Indonesian subsidiary companies .(Marine products trading dept. Manning dept. Tropical fish dept.) Marine products trading department is developing the marine resources by the tie-up with local fisherman.We supply continuously the good product of a frozen skipjack and tuna to the Japanese market.Since our establishment, Manning department has aimed at dispatch of an excellent sailor for deep-sea fishery of Japan.We have the best effort to be able to respond to your request.